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Re: Beginner Qs - Seminars, # Days for Testing

What I was always told about attending seminars was, if you can do the ukemi, you're good to go. You kind of have to make a judgment call about the level of the seminar and whether you're up to it.

To add to what others have said about testing "days", when you test your "days" go back to zero. So let's say the requirement for your first test is 45 days, once you fulfill the 45 day requirement and test, you then need to train 60 "days" to meet the requirement for the next test. Also, I'm sure it varies from dojo to dojo, but you don't automatically get to test as soon as you've got that 45 (or however many) days. That's a requirement for you, it doesn't mean that the test automatically happens then (or at all, if sensei doesn't think you're ready, regardless of the number of days you've spent on the mat). Where I train, nobody tests until at least a few of us are ready -- so, while I probably had my required number of "days" by May, I won't be testing until the end of this month.
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