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Originally posted by tedehara

In chess, all games would theoretically end up in a draw, since neither side starts with an advantage that could be converted into a win.
Actually, white (who moves first) in chess does have an advantage as s/he has the initiative/sente. Of course, such an advantage is sliver thin for a game such as chess.
So my interpetation of correctly done aikido technique translated into chess terms is that one side has a decisive advantage and utilizes correct procedure to a win!
Mine would be that one side (nage) looks ahead four, five, or six "moves" ahead and makes sure that, each step of the way, the other side (uke) has no other alternative but to move in a certain manner -- kind of like getting rid of their alternatives before they really happen; that's why expert chess players can concede when there's still multiple moves they can make before getting checkmated. In aikido terms, this might mean that uke has no other movement except one -- that which nage "allows" him or her to do to keep "safe."

In aikido, though, I think this sort of look-ahead becomes a lot more intuitive than in chess (although my chess experience is pretty much nil...).

-- Jun

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