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Originally posted by akiy
...I think this kind of practice where each side recognizes the opportunity to take the initiative (sente) is one of the most interesting. As Chuck Clark has said before, it's a lot like playing chess...
-- Jun
When you analyze your technique, you'll find yourself gaining and losing the lead during the technique. However, I agree with Mark, in that the whole technique should be done in one smooth movement. A movement where you don't lose the lead at any point. I do think that you need analysis understand where you go wrong. Having a training partner who can notice your mistakes is also very helpful.

Just because you gain and lose the lead or initiative, doesn't mean performing a technique becomes like a chess game. In chess, all games would theoretically end up in a draw, since neither side starts with an advantage that could be converted into a win. What happens is that one side or both can steer the game into unclear positions, hoping to gain a winning advantage through sharp play.

So my interpetation of correctly done aikido technique translated into chess terms is that one side has a decisive advantage and utilizes correct procedure to a win! Of course, in practice things can turn out differently in both chess and aikido.

It is not practice that makes perfect, it is correct practice that makes perfect.
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