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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

Christian Moses wrote: View Post
Hmm, I think we're missing each other in the verbage. I don't think you got my comments (based on your reply) but I'm not sure what you're getting at here either... I was trying to illustrate the kind of shutdown that I have experienced with someone who has the kind of internal dynamics/structure that I think we're talking about here, and how it's qualitatively different from when you get shutdown by someone using either muscular strength or some overt mechanical strategy.
I get it now.

There's MORE of me??? No wonder I feel so scattered all the time...
Don't you remember that one time at band camp when you thought you were abducted by aliens?

They did clone you you know. LOL

True dat. In my Thursday classes I've been teaching, I've really been trying to bring forward the very different feelings that arise from doing things with 'aiki' vs. even skillful leverage or timing. It's just qualitatively different, and a lot of folks who I've showed the stuff I'm working on have found it different from what they've felt before. I really believe that the vast majority of people in Aikido, have never felt real aiki as I use the term. And just to be completely clear, I've never felt you, William, or seen you or your students so I'm not saying or implying anything about your abilities or exposures, I'm talking in VERY general terms here... I didn't want you any of my comments to be taken personally as that was not my intent.
Bro we're just a couple of dudes walking up the same mountain and I consider you an Aiki brother.

William Hazen
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