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I have a question about the wearing of a Hakama. We had a visitor attending our dojo this evening, and when we were in getting dressed prior to the class he wore a Hakama. After I introduced myself, welcomed him and as we started talking...he said he'd been studying the art for 2 years...(hmmm..2 yrs and already a black belt..I wondered to myself)

On to the class..the Sensei asked what rank he was and he said 3rd Kyu. (I realize literally anyone can buy a Hakama and put it on) but the only folks I've ever seen wear one at my dojo were all 1st Dan's..

I realize there are variations from dojo to dojo, and among styles.. but is this typical?
Tony, it was an honor to train at your dojo. I did learn some really interesting stuff and senseis were very helpful to show me when I had difficulties. But please, feel free to toss me around all you can when we have another chance to train with each other. Thanks again for training with me last night.
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