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Originally posted by Jorx
How does one prevent them anyway? How is it possible for a different sensei, one who doesn't know your character to judge it? Of rumors he heard? Of 15 minutes of "serious talk" with the original sensei? I don't think so.
Nope, that is one of the reaons why it may be a bit funny to have an exam at another dojo. My personal feelings are (but they really are personal) is that one should at least have trained with and under the sensei that is gonna judge the exam.

The only thing that can be taken in consideration is technique. Because it can be measured more or less. And I personally think that all that Aikido stands for (what You called "whole Aikido") it is in the techniques as well.
Just because some aspects might be difficult to judge and interpret does not mean one should abandon those aspects for that reason.
Could you give an example of someone who has exellent technique but a crappy character?
No, it does not contribute to anything. Whenever you meet someone like that you will know (hopefully).

I mean lazyness should show in techniques... arrogance as well... pride - yup, he won't take good ukemi. Etc etc. And when someone is just a good actor enough to hide all those bad things during the test then... what can we do? I guess nothing.
To me, your view seems a bit simplistic, but that is ok.
I just cannot agree with it. Maybe aikido and the way people treat it in Estonia is quite different from the way it is in The Netherlands.

Just for the record - in Estonia there is such policy that normally anyone can take a kyu test which is given by the head instructor of Estonia (who hardly "knows" all the students) but the student has to be permitted to the exam by his own sensei (who knows whatever he knows).
Sounds like a descent policy, but then again, descenty of a system only goes as far as the people using the system. Here in the Netherlands I have seen people been send to exams because of hidden motivs of their teacher.

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