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Re: Using Aikido During Sparring

Gotta karate friend in Lubbock who spars with her dojo-buds quite a bit. One of these guys is a ni-dan (2'nd degree black belt) in aikido who likes karate /sparring/etc. a lot too.
Very revealing, i think, was her description of how he incorporates aikido movement and entering into the match. He CAN but usually WON'T incorporate joint-focused techniques like kotegaeshi into his sparring for the simple reason that most folks will "fight" the movement instead of moving with it to keep safe.
"I can get out of this...owwww" Resistance is very valuable to training, but uncontrolled......lots of potential for injury.

There is a reason most training starts compliant, then adds progressive resistance. (without "competing" )

Be careful and keep you BOTH safe.

Play nice, practice hard, but remember, this is a MARTIAL art!
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