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Re: Beginner Qs - Seminars, # Days for Testing

On question 1, IMHO, it will depend on the type of seminar. If it's a beginner seminar, yes absolutely as a newbie you will definitely learn a lot especially the basics. But these seminars are hard to find. In most cases, it would really help if you have a bit background and experience. With a bit of experience you'll probably pick-up stuff more, things will click easily and you won't struggle as much matching the Japanese term for the technique with the actual throw. Four years into it, I still manage to confuse my self once in a while. (I'm assuming here that you're starting new).

On question 2, it depends on your dojo. Not only that, your sensei will determine when you can test. You might have the hours but not the required level of skill. Ask your sensei. So my suggestion, just be safe and enjoy your training. Things will fall into place.

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