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Henry Javier
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If a student, regardless the level, has demonstrated: Cooperation, friendship, sense of comunity, compasion, patience, self commitment, team-working, Dojo feeling, This guy certainly will get the same from his Dojo mates, so, the progress will be better and will help his/her own rythm to advance and make progress. This, will help in the quality of a student at the moment of a test, the way he treat the uke, the respect demonstrated to him and to the judge, the decision doing the technics besides the compasion to the other, the humildity, are things that a sensitive person can feel. Sometimes when you are working with somebody at the first time, you feel at the first touch almost the tottality of his intentions and honesty, looking into his eyes let you know, at least he's empty, the inside person you're dealing with. I think that Aikido has everything for everybody and each one of us take what can be convenient to everyone. It's up to us to decide if we can reach the goals suggested by O'sensei, or if we just wanna be a killing machine, so, the character makes influence in our own evaluation, if you're not honest with yourself this will affect only you.
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