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Beginner Qs - Seminars, # Days for Testing

Hi everyone, Im brand new, I start my intro class sept 2nd, I posted on the intro page if anyone is interested. I do have two questions if someone can help.

1. What goes on at the seminars, and who would it benefit most, in other words as a "newbie" would it be worth attending?

2. I read an intro book and was confused by the testing, for instance, your first test is after 45 days or so of trainaing, your third test is 60 days of training or so after your second, etc. Does this mean days of training, say I go twice a week does that count as two days, or do they mean calendar days, if i go tues and thurs for a month is that 30 days of training, stupid question I apologize but thank you for any help!

Thanks for the help and thank you for accepting me into this great online community.

Brian Grey
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