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Re: Using Aikido During Sparring

I like what Ron and Don said in their last posts. I think i will just use it in moderation, and be careful when i am. I will also not use much until about 6 months to a year like Ron said.

I do have one more question. Since I'm just starting aikido i was wondering what i should look for Aikido of diablo valley is close to me and has a 5th level Dan. I considered many factors of distance/gas and High rank of Dan but what else should i look for? I also want to train quite a bit because i start college in December and until then i have a ton of free time and would like to make that time as productive as possible. I am still going to continue after December but i just will have to make more time to practice rather than have it free.

Thank you all for your advice.
Jake Colburn

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