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Re: Instructors of low rank

Nick Pittson wrote: View Post
Hi Jerome,

If I did not make that clear, than I apologize, but I was referring to what would be said in the dojo amongst one's peers, not in this forum (similar, but not the same). Hope that is clear now, and I stand by my statement, at the same time acknowledging that I failed to use said scenario as an opportunity to ironic!

Posts # 76 by William and # 77 by Rob: I could not agree more with, especially the baboon aspect.

As for the difference between learning about yourself and your waza in practicing with someone in class, and having a 5th kyu teach a class, I choose to see none.
hey nick
all clear here . no need to apologize. as i said, its an open forum, we're giving our opinions. i don't think anyone here would out and out say 'hey! wtf!' in said class. as joe said, i'd maybe approach the chief instructor and see if he'd offer an explanation (you know us westerners, always need an explanation :P)

baboons, yeah i've worked with a few of them too before, i'd only request that he have a cleaner dogi than the ones i've worked with. hahahaha

again, i believe there's a good reason there are programs out there to train teachers.

now we can fight this last point out in a death duel! in the octagon!!!!
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