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Re: Instructors of low rank

Nick Pittson wrote: View Post
...but who are you prepared to say that to? The chief instructor in your dojo who chose the 5th kyu, everyone in the room on that given day?

If I heard those words uttered from anyone, regardless of rank, I am ashamed to admit I would be stunned at just how arragont (or ignorant) that person is.
But perhaps that is just me....
the original poster wrote here asking for opinions, and so here we are, giving our opinions.

has nothing to do with arrogance or ignorance.

people are talking about how we should be open and should be able to learn from amyone. sure. that's probably true. i learn alot about my aikido working with beginners and intermediates during class. practicing with people of different levels helps you learn. BUT there's a big difference between learning about yourself and your waza in practicing with someone in class, and having a 5th kyu teach a class...

dieter, well said.
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