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Re: Instructors of low rank

Sometimes I learn about Aikido from unlikely sources (like the zoo and fellow motorists). Sometimes unlikely concepts learned from Aikido prove invaluable in my daily life. The ability to learn, in my opinion has much more to do with the receptiveness and awareness of the student than the rank, experience or qualification of the teacher. There is no spoon. There is no "teacher", life is the teacher. The truth of Aikido, meditation, calligraphy, etc., is inside you, a teacher can only take you so far, before you have to continue the journey on your own, inwardly. For me, it is about personal responsibility, personal honesty, reflection and as accurate as possible analysis. Aikido and life, for me, is a highly individualized curriculum. If I can't or refuse to learn from somebody, anybody, any thing or situation, then I feel I am pretty screwed.

That being said, if Sensei brought a filthy, stinking, hostile Baboon into class and placed it at the head seat, I would try to understand and apply whatever I could from the encounter. My ability to learn is just that, MY ability.

That being said, I prefer a tall glass of chilled matcha green tea after practice.


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