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Michael Hackett
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Re: Does aikido work against dogs?

When I was a little kid my Dad would ride his motorcycle to work and was vexed by a pack of ranch dogs. As he was riding on rural, gravel roads, the option of going real fast wasn't available (and I don't think his ancient Harley went real fast anyway). He loaded a squirt gun up with ammonia and thought he had the solution (no pun intended). That didn't work out too well as he managed to get the ammonia in his own eyes and rode his bike through a fence and into a big vegetable garden. The dogs did the doggy equivilent of laughing their tails off.

Then someone suggested using a fan belt from a diesel truck as a whip. Good plan and poor execution ensued. Dad wrapped the belt around his hand and whipped the thing at the lead dog. He missed, hit the roadway and the belt bounced back and smacked him in the eye. He, his motorcycle and his fan belt all ended up in a heap in the gravel road. The fan belt was still intact, but Pop's hide and motorcycle were worse for the wear. And....the dogs bit the crap out of him as he lay under the bike.

Dad started driving to work after he healed.

"Leave the gun. Bring the cannoli."
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