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Re: Does aikido work against dogs?

Ricky Wood wrote: View Post
lol. You must be from the city. Different street not an option. Only one way to get to work.

Not a bad idea actually. Except what do I do with massive dog while at work.

Considered lacing hamburger with poison but decided that would be in-humane.

Not running is good except not "running" would mean I would not make it to work. Not an option. Did consider stopping and placing the bike between the beasts and I while spraying with ammonia but decided to ride on.

I have layed a steam down in front of every house. Marking my bike? That's a thought.

Situation is definitely challenging my awareness skills. Like pepper spray but too expensive.

Morning 4. Armed myself with industrial sized spray bottle. Fit's nicely on the handlebars. While putting on my helmet and other riding gear, I felt like I was putting on my armor and readying my weapons for battle. Perhaps a tinge of what the real thing feels like. That pit bull was quite scary. Adreniline pumping, heart rate elevated, I approach first house where pit bull lives. Nothing. Not a dog in sight. In fact, no dogs in sight this morning. Hope stupid pet owners keep dogs in house forever. Feel a little bit disappointed that I didn't get to engage in battle, but think it's better that way. Begining to wonder why I study aikido if it can't protect me from this this current threat to my body. Perhaps I will invent a new martial art. Perhaps ammoniado or spraydo. Good opportunity to become soke. Maybe set up bicycle training course with mean dogs to train waza.
hmmm, this is challenging! lol
here, maybe this movie can provide you with some incite into "other options" for these dogs...
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