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Re: Aikido after knee surgery

Interesting post!

I managed a complete tear of my ACL in the fall (also not aikido-related), one that allowed me to run, but pretty much ruled out any aikido (I couldn't pivot at all). I had surgery in November.

After that was a long 6 months of rehab and no aikido. Finally in May, I got a sport brace and my doctor let me back on the mat.

Now that I'm back training, I haven't found anything that causes pain, although I do sometimes get a dull ache when it's humid out or when a storm's a brewin'. I can even sit seiza off the mat, although the range of motion of the brace doesn't allow it, so no shikko, suwari- or hamni hintachi-waza for me yet.

The hardest thing about the training has been relearning everything. I've only be doing this aikido thing for 3 years and before I got hurt, I was just starting to feel like I was "getting" the timing and becoming fluid with my technique. Frustratingly (though not surprisingly), that timing and fluidity have been the toughest things to get back. And although my therapist said the leg was more-or-less back up to strength, I feel the muscles are lacking. Particularly, when doing koshinage on my bad side, it is hard to drive/lift through that leg. I'm sure part of that is mental too. I think it'll take a while before the mental fear is totally gone - I'm still quite cautious for fear of getting injured again.

Still, it's great to be training again, and I can't wait until another 3 months go by so I can lose the knee brace. I still have hopes for 10)% recovery.
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