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Clark Bateman wrote: View Post
I was never fortunate enough to meet Shioda Kancho, but Aikido Shugyo does convey some of his personality and humor, which does not come through in his other books. It is a tough get sometimes, as the above website is pretty much the only source, and they often do not respond quickly (I'm told), but be persistent... The early green leatherette-bound edition with the brass corners is a prized find, one which I'm sorry to say I haven't... yet...

Joseph Pielech wrote: View Post
Hi Clark. Yes, you are 100% correct: the are a bit slow and do, in fact, need some prodding. I have also been looking for that special addition. I wonder how much it will set us back?!?!
Hi Clark and Joseph,

Just thought I'd share my experiences. After reading this thread, I decided to order Aikido Shugyu from here:

I forget the exact date, it was sometime after the post, which was July 28th, so really, not too long ago.

Anyway, I received confirmation last night that the book was being shipped.

Just thought I'd let everyone know that I've had a positive experience so far. No prodding needed and within a week turn around.

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