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Rocky Izumi
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Re: Does aikido work against dogs?

Used to practice on my dogs a lot until they learned Aikido. Watched my Springer Spaniel male breeder break a Doberman's leg with a rolling kotegaeshi.

Iriminage works best but you need to be doing everything in Hanmi Handachi so you need to be quick on your knees. You end up being too exposed in lower parts when standing and dog can pull you down. Also, you need to learn grappling and to learn to hold the dog's head and push your hand or arm into their throat to make them let go but you can't hold them with just one hand. You have to grab them with your legs as well. Unfortunately, this leaves you exposed to the other dogs. When I was grappling with the stud, the bitch would come in and lick my face until I gave up. If it was a real fight, I would be dead or badly mauled so grappling is not a good option when facing multiple dogs. Also, dogs learn to work in teams and one will attack your back while you face another one so you have to have a real good tenkan movement on your knees. I just don't recommend this practice a lot because I have screwed up my knees so bad from doing this type of practice.

Recommendation: don't go down that road.

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