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Re: Grappling In Aikido

Yes I agree it's not Aikido. I was not trying to imply that it's Aikido like the millions of demonstrations on the internet that we see. What I was trying to imply, is the Aiki principles being demonstrated with the wrist, hand grab. You will almost never see Aikido being applied in a real life self defense or sports fighting event like what we see on the internet. You have to modify your techniques for a real situation or sports situation. The Aiki principles remain the same, unbalancing your opponent and redirect his/her own inertia. Unbalancing your opponent can take place in newaza as though you were standing. To many times I have tested my sensei using Burmese Bando punches and kicks. He didn't apply the Aikido techniques as seen in a demonstration or the billions found on the internet, but Aiki methods were applied based on the situation that he was presented with.
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