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Re: ukemi of the Russian Video Clips

Cady Goldfield wrote: View Post
I wouldn't say that it's a given that there would be a disconnect when a person is off the ground. An adept may be "disconnected" from the ground in the sense that his feet are not in physical contact with it, when lifted up by his opponent, but he can still be connected to the ground -through- his opponent.
I didn't say it was wrong -- I said it was misleading (not intentionally so) and calling something "ground" when you are out of contact with it is no simplification. It is obfuscation.
Matthew Gano wrote:
Any term used among a group of people who can do something is obviously going to be understood by those who can do it in that group...whether it's the "Earthly ki of the kami" or "grounding" or whatever. I'm not knocking the term. It makes sense to me enough that I think I can use it meaningfully, but you didn't really seem to do much here but offer an ad hominem
It's OK. One day they'll tire of it - and they can swing wildly for all I care until they actually engage or connect which they are not doing either in the aikido or boxing sense.
Robert John wrote: clip of Don Angier explaining how this works. Suffice to say, rotational dynamics is not the answer to everything... 42 is.
You forgot to add "life, the universe {and everything]." And pace the reference to our dear departed Dougie A. -- and for the love of vogonity, we can all wax teary-eyed at paeans to the Great Green Arkle-Seizure for all I care -- but it need not be so flipping arcane or so afeared of a little basic physical analysis. The necessary adjunct of kata is bunkai. Being intentionally esoteric, (which the consistent ad hom is part of, BTW) is not useful to advance learning -- transparency is. Western learning is not esoteric. You've taken the work that Ark has done a good way down that road in your depictions and descriptions of what eh does and how he does it, and it's a credit to you. Don't stop. Take it the rest of the way, and break it down -- bunkai

If Don Angier teaches that in-yo ho is a ncessary aspect of aiki, then there is no escaping rotational dynamics. That concept and the math that goes with it defines cyclic alternation of negative and positive phase. When I feel the ground with my own feet I push the ground and the ground pushes back. In-yo. So, to sense anything by touch, sight or hearing there must be both positive and negative action, alternating. While you may choose to ignore it, it is inescapably true, and that straightforward observation has things to teach.

And what might we call this positive-negative thing connecting Mifune to the ground through his opponent? What is it that throwing his legs up and out or under and across manipulates ? What is transferred when you shift weight from one hip to the other? As O Sensei said : "In Aikido you must understand every phenomenon in the universe. For example, the rotation of the Earth and the most intricate and far-reaching system of the universe. " To your way of thinking that statement gets sent down as so much religious mumbo jumbo. To my approach that is a perfectly good attribution of things that the SAME physical laws also describe.

Come on. It has a name. You can say it...

Here, fill in the blanks: ang ___ar mom___um


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