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Re: ukemi of the Russian Video Clips

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Isn't that a bit beside the point Erick is trying to make? ... you didn't really seem to do much here but offer an ad hominem.
Actually it is spot on. Rob wasn't attacking Eric, he wasn't questioning his understanding of the potential terms- he was questioning his knowledge of the skills in the first place to even have a discussion of terms. If you don't know the skills- what's the point in defining your terms? Particularly in agonizingly long posts?

Some people really care about folks being led astray like most of us were for years. I think that was either due to ignorance of our teachers (on a grand scale) intentional holding back and screwing with us, and / or just plain poor teaching ability. More and more, it seems people are thinking-most of use have simply missed what we were supposed to be doing and discussing in the arts.
Rob was pointing out that men who entered into the discussion to talk about how to get it have been vetted. They have been tested, compared, and those training this way all agree it is different and shares many common themes.
I hate to see people come on who cannot do these things with measurable results, and more importantly do not have a record of proving they can teach it to people with measurable results being given any sort of support.
Why? I care more about honest hard working students who are trusting they are getting useful information, so they avoid so much wasted time.
I was recently with a friend and we were discussing time and distance in training. Most people travel to get this stuff. They really need accurate models and hands on tune-ups to stay on track and not waste so much time. That hurts and it's painful to have to realize you just wasted so much time. The last thing you need is naysayers who can't do, laying out detailed information to fail like them.
That isn't harsh. It's kind. Fortunately, as the network grows of people who are now training in aiki-they run into those who offer mis-information here. They are increasingly getting checked out, and self selected out of the discussion for lack of any real abilities.
You will go farther in budo checking behind the scenes than you ever will "on air."