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Re: ukemi of the Russian Video Clips

Robert John wrote: View Post
Misleading? Not really, at least not to anyone that can actually do this stuff Erick.
But then again I don't know anyone that's met you and vouched that you can do any of these things anyways
Isn't that a bit beside the point Erick is trying to make? One of the criticisms on Aikido's means of teaching aiki is the idea that the language is too subjective, right? Of course any term used among a group of people who can do something is obviously going to be understood by those who can do it in that group...whether it's the "Earthly ki of the kami" or "grounding" or whatever. I'm not knocking the term. It makes sense to me enough that I think I can use it meaningfully, but you didn't really seem to do much here but offer an ad hominem.