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ukemi of the Russian Video Clips

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
there are several threads where it is discussed in depth. There is a difference between knowing how to fall, and being preconditioned TOO fall.
Hi Dan,
I was just saying I could see why Don said what he did. I know that taken into the fuller context of other threads you're not saying don't do/teach ukemi.

Secondly, and you will see this everywhere in videos, men attack, and their body dynamic changes to a receiving mode-to take ukemi.
It is a very different dynamic in the body to continue the attack AS YOU FALL.
Would you say the uke is ceasing to reach for nage's center in these cases (i.e. the switching to receiving mode cases)?

As a separate issue, but consistent with the topic at hand, is how to teach someone to be extremely throw resistent (internal power or aiki) so as to not fall and increase the ability to counter throw. This increases the ability of a martial artist within a given style to manage himself with far more integrity of his space.
It just happens to wreck allot of teaching styles.
Does that make more sense?
That makes sense, i was just mentioning that part as an example of why Don might have made the assumption he did. Do you view the throw resistance you described as being more a product of being grounded/"immoveable" or of being able to "roll with the punches," as it were? Or is it a fusion of the two?