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Re: Grappling In Aikido

to me "Art" connotates a creative expression of "self". You have many "arts" fine arts, theater arts....martial arts. Collectively and conceptually we call these things "arts".

However when you get down to the actual practice of "arts" you have "practices, methodologies, techniques, tactics, procedures that allow you to learn ways of performing, executing, or expressing yourself.

To me, by saying "lets not confuse the two" are taking a arbitrary and parochial view of the "whole" of the "martial arts", of which Aikido, BJJ, Judo and every other practice/methodology is a part of.

The division lines are really quite arbitrary based on philosophy, perspective, or experience.

I perfer to look at Aikido as a methodology, not as an art. As such it allows you to fully explore the conditions that you may apply to the situation as we incur say in Judo and BJJ and apply the principles of aikido and still be well within the "Art" of aikido.

I'd perfer to say "lets make sure we understand the conditions and constraints in which we are practicing" vice saying "lets not confuse the two arts".

There is a difference in this perspective which opens up a whole new way of thinking and learning. One that does not limit you by the paradiqms and habits of daily practice.

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