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okay Dal breath in breath out breath in breath out. okay that was for me to get a clear mind...

this is not a command, nor am I going to order you chad or anyone else ( I would get kicked off the forums if I did). But, if you do tell us your rank, orginization, age and stuff like that we do have a better understanding of where your coming from and why. What makes your post intresting to read? why? thats a valid question. what do you have to teach us? ( and everyone has something to teach believe it or not. thats my opinion). We are in the most basic sence a virtual town, full of people who share there hopes, dreams, hardships, and advice to express their ideas and battles through their aikido life. thats whats so great about the fourms, we can see the minds of future teachers, current masters, and generations of people. and Respect is one of the main things we try to have here, we are trying to respect your point of view ( or at least I am.) but how can we when you wont respect our request and ideas? Im trying to Harmonize and hopefully I will. Ill give a litte bio of my self here.

Age: 17
Rank: 1st Kyu
Aikido Styal: Yoshinkan Aikido
Teacher(s): Payet sensei * 5th dan* Tatacho Sensei * 2nd dan*
Hobbies: play computer, read, Aikido, Trying to learn Japanesse,
put off homework.

see ist not so hard! I hope I didnt sound Preachy there if I did to anyone I apologize and would love feed back to not be so preachy!

Dallas Adolphsen
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