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Allen Beebe
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Re: Pre War Aikido, 1930 through Iwama period

Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post
I have a serious question here. How much of Morihei Ueshiba's own discourses are you going to accept as relevant to this discussion? After all, Ellis Amdur's original discussions in Three Peaches and Hidden in Plain Sight derived in part from a close analysis of those parts of Takemusu Aiki that had been translated into English.
The problem I see with using this Takemusu Aiki as a "the" source rather than "a" source of information reflecting Ueshiba's thoughts and motivations is that it is a Post War amalgam of lectures delivered to a religious audience. Context should be strongly taken into account IMO.

Of course Takemusu Aiki is an important source in a very sparse field so therefore cannot be taken lightly.


~ Allen Beebe
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