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Re: Grappling In Aikido

I give him credit for showing a possibly 190 to 200 lbs human, not cooperating to a technique and attempting to apply Aikido techniques. Sure, it's a little sloppy and not well trained, but great to see the real resistance.

Trust me it's real resistance. I tested my sensei too many times and he can never applied a technique against me like many of the demonstrations that you see on the internet and my sensei is a 4th dan. He has to always modify the technique. I'm a pretty fast puncher and I have good kicks and he almost never can catch my hand to apply a technique exactly, always a slight modification. I studied Burmese Bando for about 5 years prior to Aikido, so we learned to punch and kick pretty well. I'm about 200 lbs and my sensei really had to modify his techniques for them to work. If I was really a violent person and apply those same punches with the same aggressiveness, I imagine he would have to modify even more. Jason's video is not far from reality.
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