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Re: Grappling In Aikido

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I suspect that Jason Delucia is probably not a well season Aikidoist. Not sure if has has any dans. It's the first attempt of Aikido techniques that I have seen posted on the internet with real resistance. I think the most important thing to gain from this video, is the effectiveness vs non-effectiveness of an Aikido technique with resistance. Realities of a resisting uke is rarely shown in the Aikido world on the internet. I would love for someone to show full resistance and post it on the internet. No demonstrations, but full all out resistance while applying an Aikido technique.

One has to modify the technique to some degree to arrive at the same conclusion in some cases, due to the resistance.
I agree, but, at least what I have learned, is defense against full on attacks. Not going after an attacker and muscling techniques. I am not saying that all techniques work all the time, but the type of resistance you are trying to show here isn't realistic in my opinion. When I have punch coming at me, the attacker doesn't know I am about to toss him, and won't recoil and re-center his body. I am not the most seasoned Aikidoka, but I have been out with people who have used Aikido before, and obviously the person didn't roll with the techniques.

Resistance is one thing, but this video is full on, I know what you are doing and I am resisting, which isn't realistic either in my opinion.

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