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Re: "Aiki" in Russian Video Clips

Thank you Dan.

What you are talking about is really blowing me away...

I know that you do not publicly talk about your training methods, and unfortunately those of with careers/families/limited vacation etc will probably never get a chance to train with you even though it seems like you are quite open with your teaching (unless I am mistaken) if one can actually make it to see you!

What I am trying to say??

Is there any pointers you can give to the rest of us (without giving away your teaching/secrets etc)...

From what I seem to be able to gleam is that your aiki training is transforming the insides of your body to use "different" muscles - i.e. fascia etc and also that you are creating NEW power pathways throughout your body??

I recently switched from a harder style of aikido to ki aikido because quite simply I am old now and my body is trashed! I do find the ki training interesting, and although I can have people push/pull me etc I don't think that's even in the same universe as the stuff you are doing (especially from the descriptions you give).

In fact Mike Sigman talks about this on his aikido journal articles. (I believe his point is that these ki skills are a start and are actually quite basic in themselves):


This is the statement that I find of interest:

"When the sourcing is arranged properly, the body will surprising conform to help convey the forces according to the new sources, but only up to the level to which the body is conditioned. In other words, a person can use kokyu power correctly only up to the level the body has conditioned to sustain the new arrangement of patterning; if too heavy a load is put on an unprepared body, the new patterning breaks down to some extent and the normal muscles (like shoulder, arm, etc.) kick in and the training becomes diluted."

How does one "break through" that point WITHOUT being diluted??

Ok, so someone can push on you and you are ok, now they run at you and hit you - you crumble! How do you get BEYOND that crumpling? Is it physical (training new muscles) or is it mental training???

Do you ever travel and teach seminars??