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Originally posted by Misogi-no-Gyo
I have several questions that I would like you to provide clear answers to. It may serve to help me, and other's on this board to better "hear" what it is that you are saying.

1. How long have you been training in Aikido/
2. What other martial arts do you have in your background?
3. How old are you?
4. From whom did you directly learn "ki" or "kokyu"?
5. When you say "teach" what dojo, and on what day/nights do you do this teaching?
Shaun, I don't necessarily agree with this line of questioning. I understand the intent but part of what I like out here is not measuring someone by rank or other criteria. You either say smart, dumb or whatever things and stand on that merit. Age, rank and sensei status far too often get in the way of intelligence thought. It wsan't a 5th kyu who told me that washing belts removes the ki from them for instance.

To be honest, would you really give what he wrote more substance if it came out of some shihan's mouth? Granted it didn't but I know Chad's status, real or imagined, wouldn't change my opinion of what I read.
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