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Re: Grappling In Aikido

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I just want to touch on something here. By nature of training in krav maga, traditional jujutsu, etc doesn't mean you are instantly going to beat a sport fighter in a fight (not that you were implying that, or at least I hope you were not).

Many of the deadly techniques and those described in your post are extremely hard to do in real situations. For example, eye gouging. If you can strike me in the face, then it is safe to say you can attempt an eye gouge, however, a well trained sport fighter is going to be hard to strike in the face. It reminds me of the many times I've had to demonstrate this to guys who were very sure that pinching me, trying to grab my groin, eye gouging, punching from under the mount, etc was going to defeat my grappling. Even with my subpar grappling, there lack of actual experience in physical confrontations was apparent and they were unable to do anything.

So yes, while you could use a downward elbow to the spine to stop a take down (see Royce Gracie v.s. Jason Delucia ) a proper takedown takes away the power of that shot ( see Royce Gracie v.s. Jason Delucia). And while a well placed knee to the face will knock out a guy as he takes a shot, a well place knee is not that easy if you haven't spared using that well place knee for a long time and drilled it into oblivion. Even in the example fight listed above, Royce was not really known for being good at takedowns, not compared to the good sport fighters of today.

My point is that sport fighters have very well drilled and well tested gameplans that hold up for the most part with the deadly added in. The deadly however is almost always not well trained, drilled, or tested. So when teh chips are down, most will probably be unable to uses it, or at the very least a sport fighter will be better at using it. (Reminds me of the time a guy bit me from in the mount, I sat up and poked my two fighters right on the bridge of his nose and asked if he wanted to keep his eyeballs).

That video clip should be a good learning lesson to all those who share in the true realities of self defense. Thanks for sharing.
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