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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

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Great discussions, my favorite thread hands down

Check out the aiki skills of these Russian guys:

(sorry my youtube defaults to the Canadian version, the user's name is budovan, if that link doesn't work).


Is that what your aiki skills look like when applied???


Mike Preradovic
Mike I have been away training and got back and have been training.and missed the whole thread.

If you mean like this-then no.

I can do aiki waza and wrist grabs like the DR and aikido stuff and have done so with students in those arts to demonstrate what their teachers are doing. It just doesn't interest me. It ties in with all the joint locks and pretzel logic of improbable jujutsu as well. I have waza coming out my ears. I just could care less about most of it.
My idea of aiki is throwing someone upside down on their head, or back, or take their legs out and land on them and choke them out while they are trying to throw me.
Or have someone keep trying to single leg or throw me and counter them while not doing much to move and dump them and start the above all over again. Or do stand up PK with aiki blasting through their arms as they try to punch me, or let them hit my trunk and keep going. Punching through a punch or punching through a defense.
I don't have much interest or patience in ukemi and preconditioning people to take technique or ukemi from me or each other. In fact I think it's stupid and expresses a lower level of training in the martial arts. Learning to fall down should be learning to take someone with you or take their legs out when you land. Learning to throw someone should involve beating the crap out of them as you do so. This can de done safely and with fun. Its just a different dynamic than aiki waza and "taking ukemi."
I train people who come here how not to be thrown, not how to fall down, how to stand there and stare at someone trying to lock them. So you learn a lock, and how they can be stopped easily. Then how to do a lock with aiki that is much more applicable. As an example doing Yonkyo or nikkyo on someone who has trained with me for even a short while is simply a wasted effort. So there is a whole different emphasis in what I do than most of what I have seen or been shown. It is very difficult to discuss Aiki with me without discussind aiki as anti-aiki as well. With most folks they see it as blending movement. My thoughts are almost completely out of sync with where they are coming from and trying to accomplish in their training, so there is a cognitive disconnect from the start.
Naturally we all have opinions based on our own understanding and training.

All that said, I can also train in thee most standard, Kata based rote scenario you care to imagine, or in body conditioning aiki training. It's a choice. So to answer you in a different way-aiki skills in application do not "look like" anything. They are in everything- as you choose to use them. Why? It is your body that has changed, not waza. Once your body conditioning is in place, then you change.
Think of it like this
1. Internal power
2. Internal power in use=internal skills
3. Internal skills create waza

That waza
3.Is external. That is based off of
2 Which is the applicable use of
1. which is your changed body
So what you do with it is up to you. You can make it work in anything you want to train in.

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