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Re: Instructors of low rank

Riddle me this.

What is the difference between the head instructor...

-Cancelling class
-Asking his teacher to teach class
-Asking a visiting sensei to teach class
-Asking a visiting sensei from another art to teach class
-Asking the most senior student to teach class
-Asking the most junior student to teach class
-Asking a randomly selected student to teach class

Answer: none.

You trust your teacher to do the right thing as they see fit, or dont you? If you dont, why would you continue to show up for class and learn from them? This concept supersedes any and all rules we might think do or dont apply. It is a fundamental pillar of not just Aikido training, but all learning.

The input and control you have, as the student, is simple: show up to learn, or not.

Now, where is that drink we spoke of earlier. I could really use it about now...

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