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Re: Instructors of low rank

Roy Klein wrote: View Post
The difference is that you don't pay to read other people's form posts, and you can always choose not to read (or skimp through) long posts.
I had to sit through one class where a kyu ranked student lectured more than 50% of the class's time, and of course you don't get to argue back, or press the ignore button. You just have to sit in seiza, and take it with a smile. Well I guess that's sort of a mental practice too.
You can stand on your head right now, right where you are!

... or you can want to stand on you head and be aggravated that you shouldn't, couldn't, wouldn't be allowed to, or whatever else.

But if you find for whatever the reason that this isn't the time or place to stand on your head, then is it really worth the aggravation to dwell on wanting to be in a situation other than the one you are in?

If that's the practice that day, then that's the practice. Are you in or out? If you want to know why it was that way, then chat with the boss who created the situation. The conversation will likely be more refreshing than carrying around the question and the resentment.

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