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I don't think you get it. You just had someone agree with you about ki but you insult him by shouting?

If your house is built on a strong solid foundation and with strong materials the breezes that blow through will not knock it down. You would be able to maturely handle contrary points of view. If you truely understood that there are various understandings of ki, then you would know that we do believe in ki.

The way you have been responding indicate to the many very experienced people on this board that you don't know what you're talking about. (And don't give me that "I only want to talk to people who don't know about ki" line. What are you trying to do? Recruit for a cult? You only want to be a teacher and not a student?) Your words only exhibit base knowledge and not the depth of understanding.

If you do train tell us how long, with whom, what rank you are, and how old you are. Right now, I think you don't even practice aikido and only have read some books. You think you have some knowledge and somehow you think this gives you the right to teach others. By the maturity of your responses I think your about 13-15 years old.

Otherwise, stop teaching yourself, join a real life dojo and train.

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