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Originally posted by chadsieger
I guess the the disharmony between myself and seemingly everyone on my posts is simply due to the fact that I did not properly acclimate myself to the style of communication that already exists. Proper steps should have been taken on my part to prepare each statement I made to not offend anyone. However, I'm not trying to join a community. I figured that people interested in ki would open my posts. Instead, people who didnt believe in ki picked through them and accused me of being "preachy."

These lists are about communication, but the usual expectation is that it will be a two-way communication. If you look at what you have written, would you be comfortable walking into a room of strangers at an aikido dojo and start saying the same things verbatim out loud ? How many new students in the croud would you think would be immediately swayed by the statements you have made ? People interested in ki can read books or surf the web or post questions to this list (that you can happily answer) or ,heaven forbid, actually visit schools. There is a lot already out there.

Rather than immediately jump on a soap box, as you give the appearance of wanting to do here,
you would probably do more good to your cause by just hanging out, chill, and answer specific posts by beginners about ki in a thoughtful manner. Those posts would hang around and be readily available to future beginners too.
It takes patience to do that, however, and a calm mind when others disagree.

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