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Re: Pre War Aikido, 1930 through Iwama period

Salim Shaw wrote: View Post
I don't know the full history of sensei Masatomi Ikeda, 7th dan. I do know that he studied Judo prior to Aikido. Interesting enough he teaches his students newaza. I wonder if he understood Aikido from a different perspective (pre war)?
Well Ikeda was born in 1940, and started aikido in 1958, so any notion of him having a "prewar" kind of aikido seems pretty iffy to me. But the fact that he can be seen teaching his students pins isn't remarkable in and of itself. My own teacher taught shimewaza and judo throws in the course of some of her aikido classes when I was a 5th kyu, and she was born in the 1960s. Theres nothing prewar about her or her first aikido teacher. I think several of us have said this to you before: you're making an oversimplification about the character of "prewar aikido" and postwar aikido. Isoyama is a postwar student, as is Chiba.
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