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Hi Chad,

Originally posted by chadsieger
This was my first experiment with a message board. I dont care about the culture and refinement, that I should "get used to."
I don't have a section on netiquette here on AikiWeb, but, if I can say so, you (as well as everyone else here) might want to go read the one I wrote for the Aikido-L mailing list a while back:

In my opinion, you should care about how the community here works. If you're not here to share what you're presenting (and sharing, in my mind, involves a give and take), please take a moment to reconsider what you wish to accomplish with your posts.

I created these forums for people to share their thoughts and experiences. As such, you should expect people with dissenting thoughts and experiences to speak their mind as well. Just as you have the "right" to write and express your opinions, so do they.

In closing this part of my post, I just wanted everyone to remember the first rule of these Forums (listed right there under where you compose your post) is, "Treat your fellow AikiWeb Forums members with respect."
So, O'Sensei was correct when saying that certain techniques do require atemi. He did not say however, to use atemis to practice Aikido. The purpose
of training with Aikido techniques is to teach you the feeling of budo. "Learn and forget." Using atemis on the mat degrade the nourishment. Similar to frying food.
I'm not saying strikes have no place in budo. Quite to contrary. However, at O'Sensei's skill level his true budo strike would look far beyond our comprehension.
To stay on topic here, I wrote the following back in 1999 about Morihei Ueshiba sensei's book, "Budo Renshu" (which loosely translates to "budo training/practice"), one of the only books that the founder wrote himself on training in aikido:

I borrowed this book (nicely bound, Japanese edition) a while back and found it quite interesting. I wish I could afford a copy. I think we had a discussion of it a while back whether O-sensei ever used atemi in his aikido; Lisa was nice enough to fax me pages from "Budo Renshu" and it's just full of things like "strike your opponent forcefully in the face with your fist" accompanied by O-sensei putting a fist in his uke's face. Neat stuff.

Hope that helps.

-- Jun

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