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Re: Instructors of low rank

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With all due respect, are you upset or jealous of the person appointed to teach class? I believe that I already have the you have posted anonymously.
No, my anonymity does not mean that I'm jealous or upset. Just that I want to be anonymous. I am not personally bothered that a 6th or 5th Kyu is teaching. I have a great time. I do, in fact, shut up and train; and I enjoy it.
There are plenty of Dan rank around here, as well as Ichi Kyu and Ni Kyu. No one is outwardly or visibly upset, or even bothered in the least. But there are some awkward moments. That's why I thought it would be interesting to hear a discussion about it.
I did ask, "how would you respond?", but I realize now that that question is leading, as though I want someone to say they would be upset. Forgive me for that. I didn't mean that.
Secondarily, though, I wonder how it affects the 6th/5th Kyu who is teaching. Is this a good thing for them to be placed in that position?
What about the dojo's Kyu who have been training longer? Does Sensei run the risk of losing students who are struggling to learn - will they be discouraged and quit?
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