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I train and will train for life.
This was my first experiment with a message board. I dont care about the culture and refinement, that I should "get used to." It seems most people didnt even read my messages. They simply found the things that they dont like so they can complain. The one guys even went so far as to call me a troll. Oh well.
Even the well thought out replies took many things for granted. Jim and Bronson think that I believe that only my way is correct and so forth. I just posted what I believe to be true. Read my posts without preconcieved notions and this should all be settled. It probably will never end so...
I will continue to post. Read. Don't read. Think anything you want of me.

Craig here is a short piece on atemis I wrote:

Every single technique in Aikido requires a spiritual atemi. Every single technique in Aikido requires a ki atemi. And yes, some of the inside moves, which are therefore more dangerous, do in fact require a physical atemi. So, O'Sensei was correct when saying that certain techniques do require atemi. He did not say however, to use atemis to practice Aikido. The purpose
of training with Aikido techniques is to teach you the feeling of budo. "Learn and forget." Using atemis on the mat degrade the nourishment. Similar to frying food.
I'm not saying strikes have no place in budo. Quite to contrary. However, at O'Sensei's skill level his true budo strike would look far beyond our comprehension.
Regardless, learn Aikido, always use it in defense, and your ki will conquer alone.

Thanks for reading.
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