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When I first posted here, I was also quite opinionated (still am), quite direct (still am), and I annoyed and offended many people (still do). Actually, I was mainly having fun (still am), but it didn't come across that way. My recommendation to you is to start using those smiley faces more often - it's amazing what a smile can accomplish!

All this bickering makes me feel like I'm listening in on a bad aikido sitcom (hate sitcoms). You and many people here seem to have the answers to the aikido universe. I always question people who act like they are experts, even if they claim that they aren't. There's an expression that I like: "long of tongue, short of brain".

Sometimes I think the best advice I've seen here was from Greg (with the type-A-ikido personality), "shut up and train". Please take it the wrong way.


Remember, all generalizations are false
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