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Pre War Aikido, 1930 through Iwama period

Osensi prewar Aikido is missing from the vast majority of the dojos around the country. It's well documented that Osensi studied Jujutsu, Judo and others. Most dojos concentrate on wrist locks, elbow locks and shoulder locks. The pre war Aikdio incorporated Judo techniques, major body throws, sutemi waza, sacrafice throws and leg take downs, basic newaza. Pre war Aikido used atemi to cause harm when necessary. One of the greatest practitioners of Aikdio, sensei Hiroshi Isoyama would often, during his earlier years, receive challenges from boxers and wrestlers. He would often use head butts (atemi) or sacrafice throws (sutemi waza), to help subdue his opponent. His Aikdio was pre war Aikido. Stanley Pranin wrote a very interesting article, Is O-Sensei Really the Father of Modern Aikido.” Perhaps the article will shade some light on some of the misconceptions.

One has to ask why is this seemingly hidden? Why is it often not talked about or frowned upon. Why is the only acceptable Aikdio, peace and harmony. Is there a bit of mis education of Aikdio as a whole. There is so much evidence to support that Aikido is aggressive when necessary. There seems to be a steadily growing following of those who are interested in Aikido as much more than unbalancing your opponent and redirect his/her own inertia. We have to being talking about this more openly, but respectfully.

Hiroshi Isoyama in action.

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