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Dan Hover
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adriangan wrote:
Whenever there's no class and I'm at home and have this urge to practice:

I get my bokken and then go to the driveway and practice 100 shomen-uchi in migi hanmi and another 100 in hidare hanmi. Then I practice/review the 7 ken suburi and perform eack mov't at least 10 times. After that, I practice ken-tai-ken ikkyo, nikkyo and sankyo with an imaginary opponent.

Afterwards I get my jo and do 100 jodan-gaeshi. Then I practice the 20 jo suburi and 31 jo kata. And finally, I practice ken-tai-jo ikkyo, nikkyo and sankyo with an imaginary opponent.

Btw, I'm looking for a good weapons book. Any ideas?

- Adrian
Gaku Homma's Structure of Aikido Vol 1. Kenjutsu taijutsu relationships

invaluable source of info
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