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Someone is always too late at lessons?
Well so what? Sensei should talk to him and one cannot attend class when late without permission of sensei anyway. Is not in connection with exams.

Someone always leaves as soon as the dojo has to be cleaned?
Ask him to stay? What does it have to do with the exams?

Someone doesnt help taking care of other things in the dojo?
What other things? One shouldn't forget that for some it isn't a lifestyle but just a pasttime - why take away their joy?

Someone abuses beginners?
Yes, that is a bad thing - talk to him, talk to the beginners.

Someone refuses to train with beginners.
I guess it's a free country isn't it? How can one REFUSE? No sensei... go to "#¤"¤& I won't train with those? How do you allow such person in a dojo?

Someone shows no understanding of responsibility?
These two things show PERFECTLY in the techniques you don't have to consider -character-.

Someone always questions reigi and always comes with excuses not to apply them to normal lessons?
Again... it's a free country isn't it? For example in our dojo reigi is not implemented in the practice at all.

What I wan't to say that to me it just seems unfair if you take other things than pure technique into consideration in a Aikido test. It is too subjective! When one has a lousy character then a) he has a lousy technique too b) he is lousy already in dojo so one should talk to him/throw him out etc... not to wait till the exam.

That's why I also think that it's better when a "foreign" sensei gives the test with your own sensei assisting maybe.

Just my opinion...

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