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Re: Grappling In Aikido

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Im all for it now - but it seems Judo is stand up throw down and thats it. (You throw down the opponent you score a point, no?)
Actually there are other ways to score ippon, not just throwing, according to the International Judo Federation Rules:
20. Ippon
The Referee shall announce Ippon when in his opinion the applied technique corresponds to the following criteria:
a) When a contestant with control throws the other contestant largely on his back with considerable force and speed.

b) When a contestant holds with Osaekomi-waza the other contestant, who is unable to get away for 25 seconds after the announcement of Osaekomi.

c) When a contestant gives up by tapping twice or more with his hand or foot or says Maitta (I give up!) generally as a result of Osaekomi-waza, Shime-waza or Kansetsu-waza.

d) When a contestant is incapacitated by the effect of a Shime-waza or Kansetsu-waza.
A memorable ippon via osaekomi was when Anton Geesink pinned Akio Kaminaga with kesa gatame in the finals of the openweight division during the Olympic debut of Judo in 1964.

Thanks for that pic...
You're welcome.


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