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Re: Grappling In Aikido

Inocencio Maramba wrote: View Post
IMHO, I think ne-waza should also be included in training in the event that the conflict goes to the ground. At least the historical record shows that O-Sensei did train in ne-waza.
Im all for it now - but it seems Judo is stand up throw down and thats it. (You throw down the opponent you score a point, no?)

So I suppose its BJJ or something along those lines to compliment things.

Seeing we dont have any BJJ around here, suppose I will learn what I can from watching on youtube and practicing. (Who knows, maybe I will get Roy Deans "BJJ Blue Belt" dvd.)

- not to mention still the combo of Thai boxing in there.
As mentioned, it seems the 3 together would in affect give you jiu jitsu to some extent no?

Thanks for that pic...



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