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Re: Grappling In Aikido

Inocencio Maramba wrote: View Post
O-Sensei doing ne-waza:
Judging by the hair color it was in his younger years.
Do you suppose it was jiu jitsu he was still practicing there.

It all seems to be releated... Judo came from Jiu jitsu - BJJ from Judo - Aikido from Jiu in the end if you learn BJJ and Aikido your probably leaning what we see O Sensei doing here...namely jiu jitsu.

So the circle is complete, all the things stripped out have become one I could use some ground fight - in the same tokken, I like strikes and kicks (Im sure that was part of the whole Jiu Jitsu bit to...) but for now knees and elbows from Thai boxing seem to suffice in time of need.



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