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Re: Grappling In Aikido

James Edwards wrote:

like Mr. Burgess' point with the ground as being the last place someone wants to go especially on the battlefield. In my opinion ground work seems to only be useful when there is only one other opponent. With multiple opponents (like often assumed in aikido practice) it would be rather silly to end up on the ground.
No doubt it is the last place you want to be in any fight. It is not an advantageous position to fight from in reality. In BJJ sport...yes...the sport rewards ground fighting.

You have to be careful with your logic and reasoning...the logic and reasoning you use is predicated on CHOICE of position. I could demonstrate to you in about 15 minutes on the importance of ground fighting for all close fights that do not involve weapons, (and some that do).

Another point though. In jujutsu and judo you still have ne waza or ground fighting (I don't do either btw). Clearly then the Japanese still had a concept of ground work in their grappling martial arts. Just like the ancient Spartans, Greeks and Romans. They may just not do it on the battlefield as well
ne waza is present in ALL good martial arts that consider the full spectrum of the fight. I do aikido, BJJ, and Judo. Doing all three has given me an appreciation of the emphasis that all three methodologies put on the various phases and dynamics of a fight. ne waza exsist in aikido, bjj, and judo. It is just we have "rules" or "paradigms" that cause us to have a different perspective from the training methodology used. Unfortunately, for those that have a limited view of the spectrum and "aliveness" of fighting, we tend to have a skewed view of things.

From looking at the video, it could be BJJ or Judo...the ne waza principles are exactly the same. I do agree with Don though that it is a little loose and based on how he mounts, hand position etc... he would get swept. However, at least he is doing it, and not bad for a old guy.

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