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Re: Grappling In Aikido

Hey, I agree with what everyone said, and disagree with what I don't agree with. It is sad to see the lost of history, connection and education that is happening in MMA. I am not pointing any fingers or wagging a finger either. I am just observing a loss that I think will doesn't or couldn't occur. I think this is happening the greatest among fans who have little or no training. Those fans who like to watch the fights disconnected from the martial arts background and history. You can't blame new fans as these because the MMA techniques called the, rear necked choke, mount, triangle and with disconnected general martial terms like jujitsu turned into catch all terms for grappling, plus other color language increases the lack of martial arts context. At this point if "Mix(ed) Martial Arts" hadn't become so strongly identified and associated with the MMA fighting venue, it would be better to call it something like Mixed Ring Fighting.

I think history is important. I think connections to origins are important. I feel for those who are not given that information.

Fighting on the ground, I believe in the existence of gravity. And people do lose their balance and find themselves on the ground. It wouldn't hurt to be prepared. But it isn't a place I prefer to be. If I do find myself on the ground I prefer it to be in a ring or on a wrestling mat. The least favorable would be on the street (on the asphalt or concrete in a tight or confined space). If I had too, on the street, it would be on a nice sandy beach on a cool day. It's just that I place my bets on concrete vs. the human body. I hate it when your grabbed by the hair or head and your head is repeatedly smash or stomped into the concrete. The face and skull can only take so much of that. Not that I know that, it wasn't like it happened to me in the 5th grade (not as intensely as an adult experience) proceeding and resulting of a wedgie taking me to the ground.
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